What Our Clients Say

“Thoroughly enjoyed the Symposium – it was an excellent event. Loads of great networking opportunities and the speakers were the most inspirational I think I have come across in around 20 years of attending leadership conferences.”

Carolyn Miligan, Country Energy


“Its changed my thinking, the way I go about things. I’m able to get up on the balcony and see teams in a different way, it’s created a mindset shift. I also got some great tools and tactics, but it was the impact on the way I think that was the really big thing for me. I’ve just been put onto another leadership program and it pales into insignificance. The other thing was the group of women on the program – through my recent transition I reached out to them and got some really valuable insight and support. It’s great to have that network to support you in tough times.”

Sara Saidi, National Australia Bank


Without a doubt this has been one of the most challenging, enlightening and rewarding years of my life and through this journey not a stone was left unturned - values, beliefs, thoughts, strengths and weaknesses were all up for an overhaul, I was challenged to look at how every area of our life impacts the other. To be in an environment that provided a safe haven of support and guidance to allow me to deep dive into the inner sanctum that is me, was nothing like I have experienced before. This is not a training course that will give you the silver bullet to become the next great leader, this is a program that encourages you to challenge, to look within, to acknowledge, to reflect, to take action, so that you can make the changes and shifts required to be the person you want to be. I walk away having made significant shifts, I walk away a better person, I walk away a better leader in life!

Lisa Wells, Sales Manager, DMG Radio


“Thank you for this experience. It was really good for me to meet and mix with leaders outside of my own industry. I feel re-invigorated, and (possibly more importantly) have reminded myself that I love my job, and enjoy the challenges it offers me.”

Susi Muddiman, Tweed River Art Gallery


“The coaching was a highlight for me.  It allowed space to work through my own thoughts and was both non-judgemental and accepting.  Throughout the coaching process I always ‘felt safe’ in my discussions.  My coach was very calm and patient and had a depth of insight and an ability to draw out my thoughts; wait; question and gently steer me until I found the answer myself.”

Andrea Bishop, Director of Research – Charles Sturt University


“The National Assembly assisted me in helping determine what should be our agency’s focus. The Assembly was brilliant, very valuable & informative, far exceeded my expectations.”

Louise, Department for Correctional Services


“The information gained from todays National Assembly has been and will be very beneficial as we can adapt some of the advice in our organisation and increase the number of women in Board, Senior Management and line management roles as well as break down some barriers.”

Amanda, Teachers Mutual Bank


“This has been the best personal development program I have ever attended! The line-up of inspirational women has been incredible. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and I’ve been inspired.”

Josephine, Mildura English Language Centre


“I’m heading home with renewed energy, more ideas, more friends/contacts and a list of actions to start putting into place when I get home. It was a fantastic couple of days. Thanks so much!”

Julia, Queensland Murray Darling Committee


“Absolutely inspirational! I’m walking away reflecting on myself and how I relate to and support others. The Convention shattered my expectations.”

Jennelle, North Central Catchment Management Authority


“It was wonderful experience and a privilege to attend. It was inspiring, realistic and fills a person with a great sense of hope. Thanks to all involved.”

Maryanne, Moira Shire Council


“Thank you for inspiring and putting the fire back in my belly. I feel so excited about tomorrow.”

Karen, Community CRS Australia


“From the Alliance I have gained understanding and appreciation of other people’s personalities, strengths and weaknesses. I found this to be very positive training, which made me in turn, feel more positive about myself.”

Denise, SASHS


“The Women’s Alliance has helped me recognise areas I want to improve and has given me the encouragement to go out and take it, gain it, search for it, whatever that may be.”



“Another thoroughly enjoyable day at the Emerging Leaders Program. I have come away feeling like I have added to my leadership toolkit, both through reflection on my previous and current approaches to leadership but also thinking about what I can do differently or add to my leadership style.”

Meredith, Ballarat Health


“The coaching as self-reflection about managing my half of the conversation, understanding frustrations and challenges has been invaluable.”

Kate, ANZ


“I have learnt more in two days than in any Diplomas that I have completed.”

Sharon, UNE


“The sharing of ideas and experiences through the EOC program leads to fostering of friendships, possible mentoring opportunities & less isolation.”

Carol, Royal Australian Air Force


“I have really enjoyed the opportunity to be part of a program like this rather than just in a one day training. I have gained a lot from being able to build on things I have learned, applying it at work, then reflecting and building some more.”

Danielle, ADHC


“This was a great program and well facilitated workshop that drew great contribution from a diverse group of women. It also provided an opportunity to bridge some cultural barriers for women within the Navy.”

Rachel, Royal Australian Navy

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