The Leadership ToolkitThe Leadership Toolkit

A tremendous opportunity for all female leaders

Developed by WLA to meet a broad range of needs for today's dynamic female leaders, the Leadership Toolkit addresses areas such as self-leadership, strengths based performance, emotional intelligence and leadership impact.

Shaped by expert advice from top female leaders, trainers and academics, the Leadership Toolkit offers a potent mix of theory and strategy designed to maximise leadership capacity and provide a deeper understanding of your personal leadership style.

The four themes explored in The Leadership Toolkit are:

  1. Self Leadership - Leadership to infuse positivity

  2. Strengths based performance

  3. Aligning heart and head to improve success -
    leading with emotional intelligence

  4. Maximising your impact as a leader

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In-house option

You can run The Leadership Toolkit in your workplace and have the expertise of a senior WLA facilitator dedicated to your staff. The one-day program is easily contextualised to any industry or sector, and can be further tailored to address key issues in your workplace. For more information click here.

The Leadership Toolkit is a full day development program exploring four key themes around personal leadership style.

Module One - Self Leadership: Leadership to infuse positivity

“There is a person with whom you spend more time than any other, a person who has more influence over you, and more ability to interfere with or to support your growth than anyone else. This ever-present companion is your own self.”
Dr Pamela Butler

The Leadership Toolkit begins with an exploration of how to tap into the leadership potential which comes from within. Participants examine concepts and techniques to break through self-imposed limitations and move toward personal excellence. Based on the growing body of research which suggests that as a leader, we have the ability to significantly influence followers with our positivity, the module goes on to explore how to create a cascade effect of personal wellbeing and increased performance in and out of the workplace. Key learning will include practical strategies for taking courageous action to raise the positivity bar for yourself and others.

Module Two - Strengths based performance

Every person has an individual set of distinct strengths born from unique talents, yet an average of only 17% of individuals use them in the workplace. Identifying and reconnecting with strengths provides participants with an opportunity to experience the authenticity within, and tap into a wellspring of untapped potential. This module looks at how to identify and leverage your strengths, providing critical information for moving away from "more of the mundane", and journeying toward enriching new possibilities. Practical steps for re-engaging your strengths and those of others will be explored.

Module Three - Aligning heart and head to improve success - leading
with emotional intelligence

Engaging followers and forging lasting relationships is a key leadership skill. Developing your awareness of critical elements of emotional intelligence will enable you to enhance your effectiveness and influence as a leader. Based on Mayer and Salovey's emotional intelligence framework, participants will engage with a range of interactive activities to enhance their capabilities to deploy effective emotional intelligence strategies.

Module Four - Maximising your impact as a leader

The final session completes your toolkit experience and cements learnings to maximise your impact back in the workplace. Participants will gain clarity of their vision of success and harmonise key concepts of the day. Participants will be guided to formulate an action plan to leverage confidence and create a compelling image for success.

The Leadership Toolkit is built around four distinct but complimentary modules. The structure of the program optimises the learning outcomes of each module, as well as contributing to the overall flow, ensuring a logical progression from one module to the next. Through mastery of each of the elements, participants take an important step towards understanding and achieving their personal goals. The program is underpinned by a blended learning approach to ensure participants have the opportunity to maximise their learning throughout the day and connect powerfully with both their peers and the course facilitator.

Junior and mid-level leaders

The Leadership Toolkit meets key leadership development priorities for new managers and mid-level leaders. Participants benefit enormously from connecting with other leaders, developing their skills and gaining valuable exposure to a variety of challenges they may encounter on their leadership journey.

Senior and experienced leaders

Senior and experienced leaders are most welcome to attend and benefit from the chance to revisit their experiences and brush up on their skills. Senior leaders also gain valuable insights into contemporary challenges facing their direct reports. The Toolkit provides experienced leaders a forum to reflect on their leadership aspirations to date and derive important feedback for their workplace.

This program is an important investment for both individuals and their organisations. It will assist employees to deliver maximum value in their current roles. Utilising insights and advice from inspirational speakers, participants will be better able to manage both their professional responsibilities and their key stakeholder relationships.

Surpassing the mere transmission of theories, the program will equip attendees with the ability to adapt to a demanding work environment, instil the confidence to step up and provide the vision to guide other employees towards peak performance.

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