The Leadership JourneyThe Leadership Journey

A tremendous opportunity for all female leaders

For over ten years, Women & Leadership Australia (WLA) has been guiding thousands of women towards greater career success and life satisfaction through the nationally acclaimed Australian Women & Leadership Forums.

The Leadership Journey is a program developed by WLA to meet the needs of today’s dynamic female leaders.

The Leadership Journey has been shaped by expert advice from top female leaders, trainers and academics, as well as countless hours of face to face interactions with thousands of Australian women.

This collective expertise imbues The Leadership Journey with a potent mix of understanding, advice and strategy for addressing the unique challenges and complexities that women face in the contemporary workplace.

In-house option

You can run The Leadership Journey in your workplace and have the expertise of a senior WLA facilitator dedicated to your female staff. The one-day program is easily contextualised to any industry or sector, and can be further tailored to address key issues in your workplace. For more information click here.

The Leadership Journey is a full day development program covering four fundamental aspects of effective leadership Values, Communication, Influence and Resilience.

Module One - Values

Identifying and operating within your own values-based framework
In this session, participants determine and clarify their own values and identify what they look like with regard to thinking and behaviours.  Individuals can assess the degree of alignment between their personal values and their organisations’ and identify options for reconciling differences.  This session also allows individuals to determine ways to be an effective ‘role model’ for others.  This session also underpins the other 3 modules with regard to communicating effectively, influencing and working collaboratively with others as well as building and strengthening personal resilience.  The outcome is the development of  a personal guiding framework that assists the individual adopt a sustainable, authentic, values-based leadership style.

Module Two - Communication

Understanding and interpreting differing styles
Interpreting different communication styles effectively is fundamental to building lasting interpersonal relationships. In the workplace effective communication is the vehicle that achieves results, so getting it wrong is not an option. We all have a basic understanding of how people communicate but this session focuses on the key concepts of personal communication style, how to identify and master your dominant style, how to correctly interpret the style of others and most importantly how to be flexible enough to communicate optimally with differing styles. Mastering these techniques will rapidly enhance your ability to communicate purposefully in any situation.

Module Three - Influence

Fostering goodwill, commitment and collaboration to aid productivity
Influencing others may be as simple as asking a person to do something, or as complex as building strategic coalitions to achieve long term goals. Whatever the desired outcome, your ability to influence effectively and ethically depends on the strategies you use, and when and how you implement them. This session looks at influencing strategies; in particular, how effective leaders draw on different tactics to best suit the person and situation they are in. A range of different strategies are explored.

Module Four - Resilience

Building resilience and overcoming challenges
The final session of the day explores the concept of resilience – particularly during challenging times or in highly pressurised environments. Personal resilience is not only about strength through adversity but the ability to grow and adapt as a result of disruption, to move forward stronger than before. Participants are asked to consider resilience at both a personal and strategic leadership level. Participants go on to learn about ways to build resilience in their teams, and manage challenging situations more effectively.

The Leadership Journey is built around four distinct but complimentary modules. The structure of the program optimises the learning outcomes of each module, as well as contributing to the overall flow, ensuring a logical progression from one module to the next. Through mastery of each of the elements, participants take an important step towards understanding and achieving their personal goals. The program is underpinned by a blended learning approach to ensure participants have the opportunity to maximise their learning throughout the day and connect powerfully with both their peers and the course facilitator.

New and Aspiring Leaders

The Leadership Journey meets key leadership development priorities for new and aspiring leaders. New leaders benefit enormously from connecting with more senior leaders and gaining valuable exposure to issues they may encounter on their leadership journey.

Experienced Leaders

Experienced leaders are most welcome to attend and benefit from the chance to revisit their experiences and articulate their strategies. Senior leaders gain valuable insights into contemporary challenges for those women reporting to them. The Journey provides experienced leaders a forum to reflect on their career aspirations and derive important feedback for their workplace.

This program is an important investment for both individuals and their organisations. It is designed to assist employees to deliver maximum value in their current roles whilst preparing them for future advancement. Utilising insights and advice from expert leadership trainers, participants will be better able to manage both their professional responsibilities and their key stakeholder relationships.

Surpassing the mere transmission of theories, the program will equip attendees with the ability to adapt to a demanding work environment, instil the confidence to step up and provide the vision to guide other employees towards peak performance.

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