Advanced Leadership ProgramAdvanced Leadership Program

A career-defining 12-month journey

The Advanced Leadership Program, backed by a consortium of educational bodies and industry experts, is part of a national initiative to increase Australia’s pool of executive level female leaders. During a career-defining 12 month journey, participants accelerate their career potential and become part of an exclusive cohort of exceptional female leaders.

Launched in 2011, this pioneering program is providing women from a wide range of industries with critical access to executive level leadership education.

Through the program, Women & Leadership Australia is assisting organisations nationwide to develop the capacity of their high potential female employees. Individuals and their companies are  citing the innovative, blended learning methodology as well as the focus on individual coaching and mentoring as key elements in the success of the program.

According to Suzi Finkelstein from Women & Leadership Australia, this pioneering program – developed by a consortium of educational bodies and industry experts – represents an important landmark for female leaders.

“This program assists organisations to address what’s really happening within their leadership pipeline. It’s about identifying and nurturing leadership potential and working together to give women the opportunities they really want.”

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The Advanced Leadership Program is designed to support the rapid advancement of high potential female leaders from all sectors and industries. As the program advances, participants further benefit from becoming part of an exclusive cohort of senior female leaders.

The Advanced Leadership Program is a 12 month course designed to provide an intensive developmental experience for high potential female leaders. Participants engage in a deep exploration of their own strengths, weaknesses and opportunities as they relate to building and maintaining highly effective teams. The Advanced Leadership Program equips leaders with the insights, skills and confidence to accelerate their own career progression as they strengthen the performance of their organisation.

The program employs a blended learning methodology based around self-analysis, peer knowledge-sharing, experiential exercises, practical workplace application and reflection. Throughout the program, learning outcomes are related back to the day-to-day realities and challenges of each participant. This process is enhanced through participant-generated discussions that unlock the existing skills and experience within the group.

Each participant is allocated a dedicated coach for the duration of the program. The coaching process is fundamental to the program and greatly enhances the learning process.

Prior to the commencement of the program, participants complete a psychometric assesment suite on personality, derailers, values and leadership characteristics. Findings from the survey facilitate the development of an individual action plan that assists each participant to extract optimal value from the program. This exercise also informs and guides the coaching process.

Throughout the program, the following key themes are addressed:

  • Mindful Leadership
  • Communications, Presence & Influence
  • The Empowered Team
  • Performance DNA
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Enabling Innovation, Driving Change
  • Building Resilience
  • Career Focus

Participants are strongly encouraged to engage a more senior colleague from their organisation to support them throughout the program as a Workplace Mentor. The role of the Workplace Mentor is to assist the program participant in driving the learning outcomes to practical on-the-job application.

The Advanced Leadership Program is delivered in a blend of 4 x face-to-face workshops which enables the physical connection and networking opportunities, and 8 x live interactive webinars delivered through our dynamic learning management system and live webinar portal.

Through broad consultation across many geographical and industrial boundaries, WLA has uncovered a significant need for a developmental program that enables high potential female leaders to engage in an intensive, peer-oriented leadership development experience.

In response to this need, WLA engaged a wide range of stakeholders across a number of key industries to assist in the development of the Advanced Leadership Program. In addition to delivering exceptional professional development to today’s leaders, the program sets out to create powerful role models for future female leaders.

The Advanced Leadership Program is based upon a framework that focuses on interpersonal and behavioural dynamics central to the successful management and leadership of others. Designed in sympathy with the challenges of fulltime employment, the program focuses on applied learning outcomes to quickly optimise the performance of senior level female leaders. During a career-defining 12 month journey, WLA’s expert faculty work one-on-one with students to assist them to achieve real-time personal and organisational goals. The program does not deal with the technical or administrative aspects of management.

The following pedagogical principles inform the program’s development:

  • The program is grounded in evidence-informed managerial and leadership competencies.
  • Research-based competencies are translated into a practical context with maximum on-the job applicability.
  • The program adopts a blended learning methodology that is based on proven principles of adult learning (combining knowledge sharing, experimental participation, practical application and reflection).
  • The program is grounded in principles of authentic leadership and values-based leadership.
  • The program is supported by the development of leadership and managerial competencies at the individual (one’s own), team (interpersonal), and organisational (system and cultural) levels.

The Advanced Leadership Program has been designed to provide executive level leadership development to high performing female managers. Students are typically in established management roles (three or more year’s people management experience) and may have been identified for senior level advancement. For many companies this represents their middle to senior management strata. The program is also suitable for recently appointed executive managers especially in situations where they have risen quickly through organisational levels and had minimal formal leadership education.

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