Advanced Leadership ProgramExecutive Ready

A comprehensive exploration of effective leadership

Executive Ready is a seven month leadership and career accelerator purpose designed to stretch existing leaders and rapidly propel them towards executive level performance, behaviours and mindsets. The program challenges participants to see themselves, their responsibilities and their opportunities with fresh eyes, enabling and inspiring them to achieve career and life goals. The significant emphasis on applied learning ensures participants rapidly enhance their leadership abilities along with their capacity and confidence to take on increased responsibility.

Created by Women & Leadership Australia, the country’s foremost authority on women in leadership, the program is informed and guided by consultation with many of Australia’s most talented and respected female leaders.

Transform your leadership skills and enable career advancement and business success.
Executive Ready is for women who want to deepen their leadership capability and develop greater self, team and organisational awareness. Enabling leaders to unlock the full potential of their staff, the program is ideal for supporting the progression of mid-senior level leaders in large and small organisations and independent business owners looking to transform business performance.

Elevate the performance of your team through practical tools and strategies.
Throughout the program, contemporary leadership theory is constantly related back to day-to-day challenges and opportunities ensuring learning outcomes are aligned to real world experience. Moreover, the emphasis on practical, results-orientated outcomes ensures that participants begin to benefit from increased performance and productivity immediately.

Build powerful peer-level connections
Executive Ready is part of a suite of programs enabling high potential female leaders to engage in appropriate level, peer-oriented development. The strong group dynamic which exists within these programs is fundamental to their success and greatly enhances the learning process. Over the seven month duration, cohorts grow into tightly knit networks and participants regularly cite this unique connection as one of the key take aways of the program.

Start the journey to a world standard Masters qualification
Executive Ready is approved for 12 credit points (25%) towards Monash University’s Master of Leadership, enabling graduates to benefit from a structured pathway to the highest levels in advanced degree education.

Segmented into seven distinct but complimentary modules Executive Ready engages participants in a comprehensive exploration of effective leadership practice. Through a potent mix of expert tuition, experiential exercises, practical workplace application and self-reflection, the program creates an environment whereby participants remain engaged and challenged.

Throughout the program, the following key themes are addressed:

  • Leadership and Authenticity
  • Communication, Presence and Influence
  • Team Dynamics
  • Driving Performance
  • Leading Innovation and Change
  • Strategic Thinking and Organisational Learning
  • Purpose, Priorities and Professional Development

Executive Ready employs a sophisticated blended learning approach enabling participants to realise exceptional learning outcomes whilst continuing to be highly present and effective in their workplace environment.

Capability assessment
Participants undertake a capability assessment to evaluate their ability in key areas. Results from this assessment help inform each participant’s developmental focus and support them to achieve their objectives.

Face-to-face workshops
Through the face-to-face workshops participants explore a variety of challenging themes and scenarios linked to the core responsibilities and opportunities of leadership. The full day workshops deeply immerse participants in the subject matter, leading to important insights and learning informed by collective experience.

Leader as coach sessions
Through the leader as coach sessions participants will practice how to effectively deliver feedback and have meaningful, outcome driven coaching and mentoring conversations. Additionally, these sessions often lead to a deeper connection between peers and a better understanding and appreciation of each other’s challenges.

Self-directed learning
Self-directed learning content for each module is accessible 24/7 via a state-of-the-art online learning management system that allows participants to engage with it any time from any device. Content includes high quality video tutorials, ‘best practice’ leadership literature, workplace activities and reflective tasks.

Interactive online Workshops
Focused on rich discussion and debate relevant to each topic area, the interactive online sessions help to contextualise learning themes within real world situations, rapidly equipping participants to operationalise new approaches.

Online community of practice
Throughout the program, participants are free to connect with each other 24/7 through the online community of practice and discuss ‘top of mind’ issues.

Executive Ready’s focus on each participant’s unique journey ensures it is appropriate for mid-senior leaders aiming to consolidate their existing position or advance to an executive position. Due to its highly applied nature and performance orientated outcomes the program is also appropriate for business owners looking for practical advice and strategy to transform their performance and that of their staff.

Interested parties should contact WLA’s Admissions Department to obtain admission documents and information. Due to the exclusive nature of the program, admission is based on a rigorous written application process. Places will only be awarded to applicants demonstrating the appropriate qualities to contribute meaningfully to the program and a cohort of their peers.

To obtain the relevant documentation please contact WLA’s Admissions Department on:
Phone: 1300 138 037

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