The National Defence, Police & Emergency Services Women's Leadership SummitThe National Defence, Police & Emergency Services Women's Leadership Summit

Building the Resilience to
Manage Your Leadership Journey

Supporting Leadership Equality and Excellence

This significant annual event represents a key national platform for women in Defence, Police and Emergency Services organisations to enhance their leadership knowledge and capacity. Drawing together the sectors most respected thought leaders, the Summit aims to celebrate the role of women as well as equip participants with the skills, confidence and connections to consolidate their skills and plan for future career success. The Summit is embraced by leading organisations, across a number of comparable industries and sectors, as a powerful networking and learning opportunity for their female leaders.

“This day has given me inspiration to continue my leadership journey. The support from other women experiencing similar challenges and success is invaluable and builds confidence and self-assurance

Inspector Janene Denton, Victoria Police ”

The purpose of the Women’s Leadership Summit is to contribute to the development of resolute and effective women leaders through skills development, expert advice and strategic industry based networking. The 2017 Summit will provide a unique opportunity to learn from a wide variety of personnel from on the ground front-line managers to inspirational senior decision makers.

The Summit audience will comprise a cross section of managers ranging from aspiring to some of Australia’s most accomplished female leaders representing various organisations. Previous attendees include Australian Defence Force, SES, State Ambulance departments, NSW Police, VIC Police and QLD Police. Content sessions and guest speakers will address key elements of effective leadership theory and practice, ensuring the program is of genuine relevance to leaders and managers of all seniorities.

Leadership development is an important investment for both individuals and their organisations. Over the past three years the conference has assisted hundreds of women in the sector to deliver increased value in their roles and has prepared them for future advancement.

Utilising insights and advice from inspirational speakers, conference participants will be better able to manage both their professional responsibilities and their key stakeholder relationships. Surpassing the mere transmission of theories, the conference will equip leaders with the ability to adapt to a demanding work environment, instil the confidence to step up and provide the vision to guide other employees towards peak performance.

Building career changing connections and networking strategically

A major factor that contributes to individual resilience is having a strong and diverse network. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of a strong network; a sense of belonging, increased self-worth and wellbeing, career progression and security. Particularly for women in male dominated workplaces, the data shows that having a network of other women has a significant impact on retention and career progression. This practical session explores the mindsets that hold us back from networking and methods for overcoming them. Participants will take away tips and strategies to build and maintain relationships - the bedrock of a strong network.

Resilience, Stepping outside your comfort zone and managing your leadership journey

During this session you will be able to join the discussion with four experts from the sector, sharing their experiences, leadership journeys and stories. The 1 ½ hour session offers the opportunity for attendees to ask questions and gain practical advice through conversation. The session will begin with panel members talking briefly on their experiences with regard to resilience, stepping outside of their comfort zones and leadership journeys, giving examples along the way. We will then turn to the audience to formulate questions at their tables, followed by engaging Q&A discussion. An interactive and informative session, the panel discussion opens up the opportunity for participants and panel members to step back and embrace their leadership journey.

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